Design obsession

Design is a tool for creating a product or process that in addition to solving problems and meeting different needs, also uses aesthetic approaches to transfer emotion. In this regard, every object or product we use in our everyday life plays an essential role in the vitality we feel from our place of residence. Beauty is an unquestionable need, and part of it depends on the components that have shaped our environment. The objects and tools we choose for ourselves are an expression of our identities, through which we can provide an environment that suits our personality and style.

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Vast cooperations

We collaborate with many of the world’s leading European companies and together with our brand-partners, we build synergistic and innovative solutions that enables us to supply  their products in proportion with the desires of our clients. By respecting the identity of the brands we help in broadening the chances for architects, interior designers and contractors to have a vast selection opportunity  during the process of making design choices. In one word, TZP is able to generate connections and new opportunities between Iranian consumers and European brands.

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Excellent Customer Service

The most important concern of our company is to create a good and memorable shopping experience and provide the desired living arrangements for the customers. This is accomplished by our committed service and earned trust, and the result always elevates the credibility of our establishment. This experience starts from the initial stages of ordering or purchasing and is completed by timely delivery and customer care services. Being highly cooperative, responsible and accurate step by step in the process over the years has always made our customers feel completely satisfied with us.

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White House

Studio: Modaam Architects, Location: Tehran-Iran

“White House” seeks to change the essence of a home. It is a quest to benefit the upcoming generations who shall enjoy living their lives in it. The process of designing the White House is an effort to generate a dialogue with a generation who rejects anything that belongs to the past; such as functions, organizations, settings, accesses, and lighting sources.

Every necessary element was kept unchanged in the renovation process, and whatever could be changed was changed. The pre-renovation version of the house was born in the 80s for a family of four, and the post-renovation version was created for a “single person family” in late 2010s.

While the former was a complex of different functions and spatial qualities in a complicated plan, the latter is ultimately simple: a tolerant home for constant humane communications, an abstract and sufficient space, with its small colorful dots in a background of nothingness.

In this project, outdoor furniture, heaters and a number of indoor lamps have been provided by TZP Company.

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